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of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

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Documents and Information for new Clubs

On this site we offer Documents, information and Forms to new Clubs.

What? Link DateReponsible
Information about EAASDC Applications html 2010-10-19EAASDC_Secretary
EAASDC Statutes  pdf 2019-03-09EAASDC President
EAASDC By-Laws pdf 2023-08-01EAASDC President
EAASDC Dues Policy pdf 2022-10-19EAASDC_Treasurer
EAASDC Voting Policy pdf 2019-03-09EAASDC President
EAASDC Membership Policy pdf 2023-08-01EAASDC President
EAASDC Finance Policy pdf 2019-03-09EAASDC President
EAASDC Election Policy pdf 2013-11-30EAASDC President
Application form for EAASDC
(with checklist)
 pdf 2013-10-22EAASDC_Secretary
Directory: Additional entry pdf 2013-07-01EAASDC Treasurer
Direct Debiting of the club dues  pdf 2022-02-24EAASDC_Treasurer
Legal information which apply to German Clubs only (Documents in German language) html 2018-05-18 
Registration Class and Open House(s) online 2011-03-05EAASDC GEMA&Events
Proposals for contracts (only in German):
Mustersatzung für Vereine pdf
 2021-06-08EAASDC President
Aufnahme neuer Clubmitglieder / Anmeldung zur Class MS-Word 
Open Office
Callervertrag Class pdf - MS-Word -
Open Office
Callervertrag Clubabend / Demos
(nach einem Dokument der Dip-N-Divers SDC München)
 pdf - MS-Word -
Open Office
Demo-Vereinbarung mit dem Veranstalter pdf  - MS-Word -
Open Office