European Association
of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward



Banner Steeling Rules


  1. Participating clubs must be EAASDC member in good standing.
  2. To obtain another clubs banner, a visiting club must have at least one complete square of dancers (i.e. four couples) present at the visited club‘s regular dance night. They must present themselves to an officer of the host club and state their desire to "steal" the banner. The visiting dancers must be present for at least half of the host club‘s dancing time.
  3. In order to reclaim a banner, a club must again bring a full square of dancers (four couples) to a regular club evening of the club who had originally stolen the banner. If, at the same time, the visiting club also wishes to steal the host club‘s banner, it will be necessary for them to have two squares of dancers (eight couples) there.
  4. Persons who are members of both host and visiting clubs may not be counted toward the number of dancers necessary for stealing or reclaiming the banner.
  5. Whenever there is more than one club visiting at the same time with the intention of stealing the host club‘s banner, and if there is only one travelling banner available, then the club having travelled the longest distance will be entitled to receive the banner.
  6. The banner should be awarded to the visiting club by one of the host club‘s officers.
  7. Banners belonging to other clubs and being held by the host club at that time may not be taken.
  8. Banners cannot be stolen when attending Jamborees, Round-Ups, etc., neither can they be stolen or reclaimed on the occasion of Special Dances, Graduations, Anniversaries and other dancing events open to the public. Banner stealing is allowed only during regular dance night.
  9. The visiting club receiving a banner is responsible for its safekeeping. Clubs not fetching their banner back within one year must arrange for return with the other club.
  10. Items of personal clothing will be neither asked for nor accepted by visiting clubs instead of banners but a club badge can be given in lieu when no banner is available.
  11. Last and most important of these rules is for each participant to remember that this banner stealing activity is to encourage visiting amongst clubs in order to get to know each other better, and that it should be carried out in the spirit of fun and friendship at all times.