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Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging, Contra

Welcome to the homepage of the EAASDC, the umbrella organization of the European clubs,

doing Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging and Contra as a hobby. Here you find a directory of all registered clubs including direct links, an event calendar, a service area for clubs, an area for dancers as well as general information about Square Dance

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Notice in referende to Coronavirus/COVID-19


Re-entry into active club life with dance – how should that work?

Dear board members and dancers,

throughout the last months I often thought, why is there no statement about this from the umbrella organization? Now that I am in office myself and slowly learning the ropes, I do understand it a little better.

But here comes my personal view on this subject:

Corona is not over yet and unfortunately there are still not enough people vaccinated to reach the so-called “herd immunity”. Unfortunately, the numbers of new infections are even slowly going up again at the moment.

Nevertheless, everyone would like to dance again and for this my suggestions, which are expressly no recommendation on the part of the umbrella organization!

  • Of course each association must inquire about the local restrictions! There is no way around it.
  • The landlord/owner/operator of the dance hall may also have requirements that must be met.
  • A good hygiene concept with a clear structure:
    • Entering the dance venue with mask
    • Wash and disinfect hands
    • If necessary, measure temperature without contact
    • Keep attendance lists
    • Check and document the recovered, vaccinated and tested
  • Develop an implementation plan for different scenarios (non-contact/contact sports).

If all these things are well and clearly worked out and the landlords/operators of the dance venues accept them, then I think we can start dancing cautiously again. Of course, that's a lot of requirements I'm mentioning there, but we all don't want to serve as a hotspot for a wave of infection. I firmly believe that we will be better off in a few months than we are today if we pull ourselves together just for a little longer now and live with the restrictions. If that's the price we pay to get back to a life where corona is a manageable disease, then I'm happy to pay it. I am looking forward to meeting you at the latest next year in one or the other Square or even beside it.

Yours, Claudia
President EAASDC e.V.

PS: Please don´t forget to notify your restarting club nights to the EAASDC homepage at „Corona-Meldung“.


Older messages (from March 01st, 2020) can be viewed here.


Next Events:



24.-26.SC2 Tanz-WochenendeFlyer57078 SiegenC2Triangle Squares e.V.
Leader: Bronc Wise & Edith Heitger
Ute Hanke Tel. 0212 - 817509
25.S13. Kowelenzer Schängel-DänzFlyer56626 Andernach-MiesenheimMS, PL, A1Rhine Mosel Squeezers (RMS-SDC) e.V.
Leader: Stefan Förster u. a.
0152 5186 9622
25.S18. Kräuterfest
91555 Feuchtwangen- BernauMS, PLUSVillage Gold Bears e.V.
Leader: Stefanie Perzlmaier, Heike King
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
25.S40 Jahre Tölzer TwirlersFlyer83646 Bad TölzMS, PLUS, A1, A2Tölzer Twirlers SDC
Leader: Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine, Tom Crisp, Michael Braithwaite
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
25.SLock Dance
24109 KielMS, PLUSKieler Wheeler SDC Kiel e.V.
Leader: noch in Planung
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
25.SNight of the KnightsFlyer73084 SalachMS, PLUS, A1, ROUNDStaufen Knights SDC Salach 1996 e.V.
Leader: Martin Kull,Paddy Böhnke, Anni u. Wolgang Weber MC Marcus Runft
0151 22342198
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
26.WSRound Dance Workshop Slow Two Step Intro & More
86368 Gersthofen bei AugsburgPhase 3Lenbach Swingers e.V. Schrobenhausen
Leader: Birgit Haltmayer
29.CCN5. Mittwoch mit Feier des Jubiläums von 25 Jahre Wuffi als Tamburin CallerFlyer70374 Stuttgart - Bad CannstattMSTamburin Stuttgart e.V.
Leader: caller from the floor
Michael Schnupp Tel. 07144-849596

01.SCN25 Jahre Sea Promenaders Echtz - 10 Jahre Clubcaller Oliver BückerFlyer52353 Düren-EchtzMS, PLSea Promenaders Echtz e.V.
Leader: Thorsten Hubmann, MC: Oliver Bücker
Maria 015759633308, seapromenaders@web.de
02.S20. Silver Miners SpecialFlyer09618 Brand-ErbisdorfMS, PLUSSilver Miners SDC Freiberg e.V.
Leader: Søren Lindergaard
03731-200451 oder 0162-6361049
02.S22. Clubtreffen
86453 DasingMS, PLUSHigh Speed Traveler SDC
Leader: Christian, Mareike Sorge
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
02.SAutumn JubileeFlyer65779 KelkheimMS-A2, CLOGGING und Round DanceBeaux & Belles SDC e.V. Frankfurt a.M.
Leader: Ingvar Petterson
0171 6443135
Event abgesagt / cancelled.

11.-13.SEAASDC & ECTA Spring Jamboree - Kuntry Kuzins SDC e.V.Flyer65239 Hochheim am MainMS-C2, RD bis VI, Clogging, Contra&Traditional
Leader: ECTA Leader
+49 179 8104676
Event geändert / changed 2021-02-02

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Re-entry into active club life with dance – how should that work?

Dear board members and dancers,

throughout the last months I often…

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