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Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging, Contra

Welcome to the homepage of the EAASDC, the umbrella organization of the European clubs,

doing Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging and Contra as a hobby. Here you find a directory of all registered clubs including direct links, an event calendar, a service area for clubs, an area for dancers as well as general information about Square Dance

Have fun dancing.


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30.CCNGemeinsamer Clubabend
66578 SchiffweilerB, MSWheelers & Dealers SDC Zweibrücken e.V.
Leader: Dieter Bremm
Stefan Sawierucha, President@wheelersanddealers-zw.de
30.SCNSpecial Club Night der Silver Miners SDC Freiberg e.V.Flyer09618 Brand-ErbisdorfMS, PLUS,Silver Miners SDC Freiberg e.V.
Leader: Clubcaller und Callers from the Floor
André Steglich 03731-200451 oder 0162-6361049
30.-05.WSEuropean Round Dance WeekFlyer91726 GerolfingenROUND DanceTamara Twirlers RDC München e.V.
Leader: Klaus Völkl

01.S21. Silver Miners SpecialFlyer09618 Brand-ErbisdorfMS, PLUS, A1Silver Miners SDC Freiberg e.V.
Leader: Chris Keller
André Steglich 03731-200451 oder 0162-6361049
86453 DasingMS, PLHigh Speed Traveler SDC
Leader: Christian Sorge
Heinrich Hauck, Langäckerstraße 26, 74564 Crailsheim
01.S3. Schwenker-DanceFlyer66578 SchiffweilerMS, PLJoyhunters Square Dance Club e.V.
Leader: Marcus Runft, Marcel Konath (MC)
Michael Demuth +49 6897 7780545 president@joyhunters.de
01.CCNGraduation unserer Students
71272 RenningenB, MSDream Catchers e.V. Renningen
Leader: Wolfgang Rieger
Gerd Friedrich
01.SHerbsttanz in FranggnFlyer91207 Lauf a.d. PegnitzMS, PLThe Sputniks SDC
Leader: Thomas Erben, Jürgen R. Weissenborn
(die) Alex plus@the-sputniks.de - 0160/90949596
Bitte eigenen Empfänger mitbringen!
01.STanzt mit uns in den Herbst - 38. Emmendinger Square Dance FestivalFlyer79312 Emmendingen-WasserMS, PL, A1Square Dance Club Emmendingen e.V.
Leader: Leader: Nils Trottmann, Reine Hjärtström, Guestcaller, Ellen Müller MC, Clubcaller
Helmut Brenner, President SDC Emmendingen e.V., 07644-49364
02.CCNVerlegter ClubabendFlyer31613 WietzenB, MSCountry Skippers
Leader: Klaus Kübler, Jens-Erik Paul#
André Heling, Tel. 0172-1390900
02.CCNVerlegter ClubabendFlyer66578 SchiffweilerB, MS, PLJoyhunters Square Dance Club e.V.
Leader: Marcel Konath
Michael Demuth +49 6897 7780545 president@joyhunters.de
03.STag der Deutschen Einheit 2022 Motto BayernFlyer22393 HamburgMS, PLCrazy Bumble Bees Hamburg Square-Dance e.V.
Leader: Markus Gensberger
08.SCN69. Bavarian Square- und Round-Dance FestivalFlyer89407 DillingenMS, Phase 3Crossroad Cowboys SDC e.V.
Leader: MC: Paddy Böhnke, Caller and Cuer from the floor
Reinhold Kahn

10.-12.SEAASDC & ECTA Spring Jamboree ®
73329 KuchenMS, PL, RD, CD, CLStaufen Knights SDC Salach 1996 e.V.
Leader: ECTA Leader

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Liebe Mitglieder, / Dear members,


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