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Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging, Contra

Welcome to the homepage of the EAASDC, the umbrella organization of the European clubs,

doing Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging and Contra as a hobby. Here you find a directory of all registered clubs including direct links, an event calendar, a service area for clubs, an area for dancers as well as general information about Square Dance

Have fun dancing.


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25.SCN10. Candle Light DanceFlyer83623 Dietramszell/AscholdingMS, PLUSTölzer Twirlers SDC
Leader: Michael Braithwaite
26.SCNÖhringer Maien Tanz mit Live - Musik
74613 ÖhringenContra, TraditionalContra Dancers Hohenlohe e.V.
Leader: Eberhard Walz
Rita Jauch Eberhard Walz
27.SBATS-MANIAFlyer63225 LangenBASIC 1, MAINSTREAM, PLUSTwirling Bats SDC e.V.
Leader: MC Rollo + Peter Koch
0171-9541685 Monika Cooper
27.CCNClubabend vor dem Special
09224 Chemnitz OT GrünaMSCinderella SDC Chemnitz e.V.
Leader: Andreas Stein, Christiaan Hilkman, Callers from the Floor
27.CCNVerlegter Clubabend vor dem Spargel-TanzFlyer31582 Nienburg/WeserMSCountry Skippers
Leader: Klaus Kübler und Jens-Erik Paul
05021/894722 oder 0172/1390900
27.-29.S50. Round Dance FestivalFlyer67227 FrankentthalPhase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 5, Phase 6Happy Foot e.V.
Leader: ECTA Leader
in beiden Hallen vorhanden
27.-29.WSPfälzer Trifels Dance PLUSFlyer76855 Annweiler am TrifelsPLUSRamblin´ Diamonds
Leader: Jürgen R. Weissenborn, Dave Preskitt
Petra Thaler (Struppi) E - Mail: trifels2019@gmx.de Telefon: 0170 - 75 25 95 4
28.S7. Spargel-TanzFlyer31582 Nienburg/WeserMS, PLUSCountry Skippers
Leader: Sönke Wilts
05021/894722 oder 0172/1390900
28.SCinderella lädt ein zur 23rd PartyFlyer09224 Chemnitz OT GrünaMS, PL, A1Cinderella SDC Chemnitz e.V.
Leader: Piet Walhout, Andreas Stein (MC), Christiaan Hilkman
29.SCNFarewell Dance
09224 Chemnitz OT GrünaMSCinderella SDC Chemnitz e.V.
Leader: Piet Walhout, Andreas Stein, Christiaan Hilkman

04.SCNClubabend der Lion Squares Germany und der Thunder Mountain TravellersFlyer67816 DreisenMSLion Squares Germany e.V.
Leader: Lorenz Kuhlee, Julian Knaack
Annika Bendel
04.SCNSpecial Club Night
55566 Bad SobernheimMSBarefoot Dancer SDC
Leader: Marc Meidinger, Dieter Bremm
Inge Kergel; Rosemarie Panier
04.-05.SFrontier FêteFlyerFR-74340 SamoënsB, MS, PLFrontier Wheelers Geneva
Leader: Dave Preskitt
Annemarie Cohen
04.-06.WSEasy Round-Dance-WeekendFlyer86756 ReimlingenPhase 3Yellow Rose Square Dance Club DJK Göggingen
Leader: Birgit Haltmayer, Martin Prüfer
Birgit Haltmayer
06.WSC2 - Workshop
55271 Stadecken-ElsheimC2Magic Galaxy
Leader: Joachim, Beckhaus
Joachim Beckhaus - Tel.: 0173 8827189 - E-Mail: inge-beckhaus@t-online.de
08.SClubabend mit Open HouseFlyer85662 HohenbrunnMS TraditionalMassachusetts Dancers
Leader: Wilfried Kersting
08102 7845346

02.-04.SEAASDC & ECTA Fall Round Up

Leader: ECTA Leader


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