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European Association
of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward


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Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging, Contra

Welcome to the homepage of the EAASDC, the umbrella organization of the European clubs,

doing Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging and Contra as a hobby. Here you find a directory of all registered clubs including direct links, an event calendar, a service area for clubs, an area for dancers as well as general information about Square Dance

Have fun dancing.


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July 2018
20.-22.SEuropean Square Dance Convention 2018FlyerNL-1067 SM Amsterdam Sportcentrum Ookmeer Dokter Meurerlaan 7B/MS/PL/A1/A2/C1/C2/RD RDTulip Twirlers Square Dance Club, Rainbow Strollers, Motiveters Advanced Square Dancing
Leader: Bjørn Andersson, Thomas Bernhed, Jörg Biewald, Paul Bristow, Søren Lindergaard, Tomas Machalik, Ingvar Pettersson, Dave Preskitt, Wil Stans, Nils Trottmann, Maarten Weijers, Neil Whiston, Frantisek Cermak, Truus de Jong, Teresa Hart, Loet Polak, Christian Schidler
Maarten Weijers: + 31 297 341323 mail: info@europeanconvention2018.nl - www.europeanconvention2018.nl
23.SCNPost European Convention Special Club NightFlyer1970 Wezembeek-OppemMS, PLBrussels Dancing Hearts
Leader: Callers from the floor
Bibi Orinx +32 474 64 44 64 - bibi.bdh@gmail.com
24.CCN20 Jahre Kuni Hill Runners - Fränkisches SommerprogrammFlyer91207 Lauf, Röthenbacher Str. 61, Zufahrt über Salzburger StraßeMS, PLUSKuni-Hill Runners e.V.
Leader: Jürgen Vogel &
Jürgen R. Weissenborn
+49 (0)176-90744191
27.SCNLange Clubnacht - und tschüss ab in die Ferien
73575 LeinzellMSCoconuts SDC Leinzell e.V.
Leader: MC Otto Ebert, Marcus Runft
07171 9975311

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The data published here serve exclusively for the purpose of the association, namely “the cultivation and promotion of dance sports in the form of American folk dancing, in particular the American Square Dance and related dance forms” in accordance with § 2.1 and § 2.2 articles a-e of the constitution of the EAASDC e.V.

The publication of personal data can be revoked by the person or persons concerned at any time. A request for data to be revoked is to be directed to the president.

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