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European Association
of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward


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Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging, Contra

Welcome to the homepage of the EAASDC, the umbrella organization of the European clubs,

doing Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging and Contra as a hobby. Here you find a directory of all registered clubs including direct links, an event calendar, a service area for clubs, an area for dancers as well as general information about Square Dance

Have fun dancing.




Notice in referende to Coronavirus/COVID-19



Our efforts for clarification with the GEMA have led to the following answer:

  •  You don’t have to pay anymore GEMA-fees for uploading music to social media (youtube, facebook, etc.)

  •  Yet, you have to follow the general terms and condition of the respective channel as well as the legal act of copyrights.

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Next Events:



August 2020
14.-16.WSRound Dance Weekend Shakin´ Tailfeathers and friends
56599 Leutesdorf am RheinROUND Dance Ph II bis VShakin´ Tailfeathers e.V.
Leader: Ilona Lankuttis, Wolfgang Weber
0157 72708861
15.S17. Benefit-DanceFlyer22941 BargteheideMS MS PLDeutsch-Russische Square Dance Freunde
Leader: Jirka Scobak, Natalie Lakermann, Raisa Logiova
Arndt Lakermann 00491732804833
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
15.WSPlus-BlockkursFlyer65203 WiesbadenPLUSKuntry Kuzins SDC e.V.
Leader: Horst Wambold / Chris Keller
0179 8104676
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
15.SRocky-Docky-Special 2020Flyer95679 WaldershofMS, PLUS, A1, A2Wild Bunch Waldershof e.V.
Leader: Reine Hjärtström, Thomas Paul, Tomáš Doug Machalík
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
16.SCNTschechisch-Deutscher Clubabend
95679 WaldershofMS, PLUSWild Bunch Waldershof e.V.
Leader: Reine Hjärtström, Thomas Paul, Tomáš Doug Machalík
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
21.-22.SWAM Dance 2020Flyer5302 HenndorfMS, PLUS, A12Salt Castle Diamonds
Leader: Maarten Weijers
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
91286 ObertrubachC2ACR Square & Round Dance Club e.V.
Leader: t.b.a.
09545 / 311 98 55
22.S17. Castle Dance
52372 Kreuzau-UntermaubachB, MS, PLCastle Dancers Kreuzau e.V.
Leader: Andreas Nissen, MC: Oliver Bücker
Marlies Rüttgers: 02422-901430, Maria Marlier: 015759633308
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
22.CCNverlegter Clubabend - Timber Mill DanceFlyer71299 WimsheimMSThe Diggers e.V. Pforzheim-Enzkreis
Leader: Wolfgang Rieger
0159 04400041
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
23.CCNVerlegter ClubabendFlyer5302 HenndorfMS, PLUSSalt Castle Diamonds
Leader: Maarten Weijers
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
29.S18. dancing wolves special
88690 Uhldingen-MuhlhofenMS und PlusSquare Dance Club the dancing wolves, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen e.V.
Leader: Markus Jähne
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
29.S20 Jahre Square MinersFlyer75387 NeubulachMS, PLSquare Miners e.V., Neubulach
Leader: Thomas Rieger, Wolfgang Rieger, MC: Martin Wallum
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
29.SCNSpecial Club NightFlyer61169 FriedbergMAINSTREAMColorado Ranchers e.V.
Leader: Chris Keller und Jürgen Boche MC
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
46244 BottropMS, PLSDC SURVIVOR Bottrop
Leader: Jörg Biewald, Wolfgang Haehnel
Tel.: 02045 899 899 Fax: 02045 899 712
Event abgesagt / cancelled.

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