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European Association
of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward


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Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging, Contra

Welcome to the homepage of the EAASDC, the umbrella organization of the European clubs,

doing Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging and Contra as a hobby. Here you find a directory of all registered clubs including direct links, an event calendar, a service area for clubs, an area for dancers as well as general information about Square Dance

Have fun dancing.




Notice in referende to Coronavirus/COVID-19



Our efforts for clarification with the GEMA have led to the following answer:

  •  You don’t have to pay anymore GEMA-fees for uploading music to social media (youtube, facebook, etc.)

  •  Yet, you have to follow the general terms and condition of the respective channel as well as the legal act of copyrights.

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Next Events:



June 2020
06.S36. Börde DanceFlyer59514 Welver-BorgelnMS, PLPumpernickels Soest SDC e.V.
Leader: Thomas Paul, Andreas Nissen
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
06.S7. Spargel-Tanz (30 Jahre Country Skippers)Flyer31582 Nienburg/WeserMS, PLUSCountry Skippers
Leader: Sönke Wilts
André Heling, 05021/894722 oder 0172/1390900
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
06.SCinderella lädt ein zur 23rd PartyFlyer09224 Chemnitz/GrünaMS, PLUS, A1Cinderella SDC Chemnitz e.V.
Leader: Dave Preskitt, Danny Turnbow, Andreas Stein (MC), Christiaan Hilkman
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
06.SCNOpen Air Tanz auf "Europas schönsten Wochenmarkt"
31582 Nienburg/WeserMS, PLUSCountry Skippers
Leader: Sönke Wilts
André Heling, 05021/894722 oder 0172/1390900
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
07.CCNVerlegter Clubabend nach dem Spargel-TanzFlyer31582 Nienburg/WeserMSCountry Skippers
Leader: Klaus Kübler
05021/894722 oder 0172/1390900
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
11.S13. Fronleichnams-Plus im QuadratFlyer42655 SolingenPLUSCrossing Swords Solingen e.V.
Leader: Ulli Hantke
11.SSpecial zum Clubjubiläum 10 Jahre Highland DragonsFlyer63853 MömlingenMS PlusHighland Dragons e.V.
Leader: Stefan Förster, MC Peter Koch & Martin Laufer
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
11.-14.WSC1/C2/C3-WorkshopFlyer91286 ObertrubachC1, C2, C3ACR Square & Round Dance Club e.V.
Leader: Ross Howell
09545 / 311 98 55
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
12.CCNBefore Schlick Dance Evening
26389 WilhelmshavenMSOcean Wave Square Dancers e.V.
Leader: Jens Klusmann
Jens Klusmann Mobil 0175 16 11 932
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
13.S36. Schlick Dance ®
26389 WilhelmshavenMS, PLUSOcean Wave Square Dancers e.V.
Leader: Thorsten Ueckermann
Jens Klusmann Mobil 0175 16 11 932
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
13.SBurgen und Schlösser Tour ®
96110 ScheßlitzB, MSBamberg Cornhusker SDC
Leader: Thomas Spätling
0170 4286768
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
13.SSquare Dance Festival Ironhill SandhoppersFlyer67304 EisenbergMS, PLUSIronhill Sandhoppers SDC Eisenberg e.V.
Leader: Jack Kirchgatter (MC) u. Lorenz Kuhlee
Jutta Krauss-Bolten +49 1520 2941254
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
14.SCNAfter Schlick Dance Morning
26389 WilhelmshavenMSOcean Wave Square Dancers e.V.
Leader: Thorsten Ueckermann
Jens Klusmann Mobil 0175 16 11 932
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
20.S34. Kieler-Woche-Dance Tag 1 ®Flyer24114 KielMS, PLUS, A1Yellow Rockers Kiel
Leader: Maarten Weijers, Sönke Wilts
Svenja Viebranz 0151/10324672
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
20.S38. Zoo-Dance ®Flyer76228 Karlsruhe-HohenwettersbachMS, PL, RDCHARLY MIXERS Karlsruhe e.V.
Leader: Martin Kull, Thorsten Ueckermann, Elke Neumaier
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
20.S4. Leipziger Gewässertour
AUSVERKAUFT! Nur noch Warteliste!
Flyer04159 LeipzigMS, PLHappy Lions e.V.
Leader: Stefanie Wagenknecht, Sergej Nündel, Heike Weiland
0177 1767645
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
20.SCN43. Round - Tanztreff im Norden
38100 BraunschweigROUNDS, PHASE II bis IVStrolling Feet RDC Braunschweig e.V.
Leader: Ralf Günther
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
20.SDandelion DanceFlyer83080 OberaudorfMS, PLLucky Castle Knights
Leader: Frank u. Loraine Meyers, Peter Osbild
+49 170 3854767
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
20.SGeburtstagstanz 20 Jahre Golden Eagle DancersFlyer38667 Bad HarzburgMS, PLUSGolden Eagle Dancers e.V.
Leader: Peter Junker
Birgit Breustedt, info@golden-eagle-dancers.de, 05322 / 6291
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
20.SGurdelkuche DanceFlyer55758 Bärenbach bei KirnMS, PLUS, A1 A2Rock Church Dancers e.V.
Leader: Dave Preskitt Dieter Bremm MC
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
20.WSPlus-BlockkursFlyer65203 WiesbadenPLUSKuntry Kuzins SDC e.V.
Leader: Horst Wambold / Chris Keller
0179 8104676
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
20.SSusie`s Summer BallFlyer70563 Stuttgart-VaihingenRDSusie Q´s RDC e.V. Stuttgart
Leader: Andrea Hilpert, Alexander Pohl, Klaus Völkl
Alexander Pohl 0711 - 294732
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
21.S34. Kieler-Woche-Dance Tag 2 ®Flyer24114 KielMSYellow Rockers Kiel
Leader: Maarten Weijers, Sönke Wilts
Svenja Viebranz 0151/10324672
Event abgesagt / cancelled.
21.WSFoxtrotFlyer86368 GersthofenROUND Dance WorkshopLenbach Swingers e.V. Schrobenhausen
Leader: Birgit Haltmayer
Event abgesagt / cancelled.

September 2020
04.-06.SEAASDC & ECTA Fall Round Up

Leader: ECTA Leader


Was ist aktuell?


What's new?

Exclusive EAASDC / ECTA Dates – Why so?

Joint Request

Dear ECTA and EAASDC members

Last month EAASDC & ECTA were confronted with a registration request for a SD workshop series whose dates coincided both with the Spring Jamboree and the Student Jamboree. As you certainly know, those dates are blocked in the calendar of events and nobody should offer another event with the dance programs concerned. After EAASDC refused registration and GEMA coverage we received the information that the workshop will be organized „outside of the EAASDC”. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that a host failed to check the dates in the EAASDC calendar of events. Although we don’t assume that this was done intentionally it’s quite simply bad planning and causes an ill-feeling and bewilderment in our community.

We would like to clarify again why EAASDC & ECTA decided back then to block certain dates for other Special Dances. At first sight it looks like this additionally reduces the 54 available weekends of a year. However, the idea behind exclusive dates for Jamborees and the European Convention is simply that each dancer should feel invited to come. These events are some of the biggest meetings in the central-European scene serving not only to establish ties but also to meet face-to-face combined with an appealing dance program. Offering alternative dance events would clearly harm these special characteristics of such meetings for the scene. By the way, the same applies to the ECTA Student Jamboree and the ECTA Round Dance Festival.

Of course, travel time, for example, or the necessity to organize accommodation will prevent the one or the other dancer from going. However, it is nevertheless not correct to offer an alternative dance event, even though this might possibly seem to be even more appealing from the individual dancer’s view. But a community can only survive when all members stick together and those dancers not participating should at least respect and support the gettogether of the community by not doing „their own thing” at the same time.

We are well aware that the community’s interest now and then conflicts with the own benefit. In this case, however, a positive development of the scene can only be achieved, if the personal interest recedes in favor of the community. In this connection we take the liberty to point out that, in case of noncompliance, the members of both associations infringe existing regulations. So we strongly advise not to organize any dance events at the following dates:

- Spring Jamboree
- Fall Round Up
- ECTA Student Jamboree
- ECTA Round Dance Festival
- European Convention

The dates agreed upon and assigned by ECTA and EAASDC are listed in the EAASDC calendar of events. This is the basis you should always refer to when planning an event.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We count on your support and wish all of us lots of fun dancing, calling, cueing, and instructing.

Wolfgang Daiss Björn Wagner
President EAASDC President ECTA

 Translation: Gabi Russell

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